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Clinton Portis Says He'll Be A 'Game-Time Decision' For Game Against Philadelphia Eagles

When Clinton Portis suffered a groin injury several weeks ago, there was some buzz that he could make his way back onto the field for next Monday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles. The idea was that, with a bye week to rest, Portis could end up being ready to go in time. 

Today, Portis was asked about that, and said that he will be a game-time decision for the game. However, he also said that he experienced some swelling today trying to come back. Via Rick Maese of the Washington Post:

"I may be able to be ready for Monday, but I feel like it's a work in progress," Portis said Tuesday. "I got some work done yesterday, as you all seen. But I think it's swelling today. I got the rest of the week to try to get right and make sure I'm going to be 100 percent."    

Portis said he isn't surprised about the swelling, because trainers and coaches told him to expect that. He added that while he is trying to come back for the game, his coaches are not putting a ton of pressure on him to return.

If Portis does return, it will be a huge boost to the offensive line more than anything. Portis' ability as a runner has declined, but he is still one of the best pass protectors in the league out of the backfield.