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'SB Nation Radio,' Episode 9: Albert Haynesworth Is Suspended, And Much More

Not to beat a dead horse, but in this week's episode of SB Nation Radio, Scott Jackson and Mike Prada talked a lot about Albert Haynesworth. I know, shocking, right? But we didn't just talk about Albert Haynesworth, because other big things happened in D.C. sports. Okay, fine, so we mostly talked about Albert Haynesworth. But what would you do if you were doing a radio show?

Anyway, in our first segment, Mike and Scott discuss whether the Haynesworth situation could have been handled differently. Should the Redskins have cut ties with Haynesworth earlier than they did? Isn't it interesting to look at which players are most vocal against Haynesworth. That and more in Segment 1.

SB Nation Radio Part 1: Was the Haynesworth situation handled correctly?

In the second segment, we talk to Ken Meringolo of SB Nation D.C. and our Redskins blog Hogs Haven. Hear why Ken is relieved to have the Haynesworth saga finally end.

SB Nation Radio Part 2: Ken Meringolo from Hogs Haven

In the third segment, we talk to Ben Goessling of MASN about the other team that made big news this week: the Nationals. Hear Ben's take on the reaction to the Jayson Werth signing, where the Nats go from here and some funny stories and rumors from the Winter Meetings.

SB Nation Radio Part 3: Ben Goessling from

Finally, we go Behind Enemy Lines to talk about this Sunday's game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We talk to Craig Smith of SB Nation's Bucs blog Bucs Nation about the game, and we get the take from Bucs fans about the Bruce Allen era in Tampa.

SB Nation Radio Part 4: Craig Smith of Bucs Nation