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Buccaneers Vs. Redskins: Washington Reportedly Considering Rex Grossman If Donovan McNabb Struggles

Mike Shanahan's decision to bench Donovan McNabb in the final two minutes of a Week 8 loss to the Detroit Lions set off a firestorm in Washington D.C. There's a chance that may somehow happen again.

During his segment on FOX's pregame show, Jay Glazer reportedly said that the Redskins are "considering" benching McNabb and putting in Grossman if McNabb struggles today. Here's his elaboration on Twitter:

I'm reporting that Skins are actually prepping Grossman to play today if McNabb struggles, K Shanahan informed staff. Rex & Don split reps    

If true, this is pretty unbelievable, if only because the Redskins can't think that Grossman is a legitimate long-term solution to their quarterback position. Therefore, the only real purpose of playing Grossman is to make clear that McNabb too isn't a long-term solution. This renders that big contract he signed meaningless, and you'd think that the Redskins would use the lack of guaranteed money upfront as a means to get out of it.

It will be interesting to see how the city responds if this does indeed happen again. Last time, support was nearly universally behind McNabb. Will that be the case again this time?