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Buccaneers Vs. Redskins: Logan Paulsen's Touchdown Gives Washington 7-0 Lead

What's the best way to get points on the board when your kicker has missed two easy field goals? Go for it on fourth down and convert. That's exactly what the Washington Redskins did, and because of that, they have a 7-0 lead on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Facing fourth and goal from the Buccaneers' one-yard line, the Redskins elected to call a play-action pass. Luckily for them, tight end Logan Paulsen snuck out of the backfield, and Donovan McNabb lobbed it to him for an easy touchdown to give the Redskins the lead. Graham Gano tacked on the extra point -- barely, I might add -- to make the score 7-0.

Santana Moss was the Redskins' star on the drive. He had two nice-sized catch and runs, one on third and five near midfield and another to get the ball inside the red zone on first down. With Ryan Torain's effectiveness becoming more limited as the Buccaneers key on him, Moss will continue to have chances to shine. 

The drive was set up by DeAngelo Hall forcing a fumble on LeGarrette Blount.