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Buccaneers Vs. Redskins: Poor Clock Management Leads To Graham Gano Field Goal, 10-3 Halftime Lead

After doing it via the pass on their previous scoring drive, the Washington Redskins got back to their bread and butter: the running game. Led by Ryan Torain and Keiland Williams, the Redskins easily moved the ball down the field. But due to bad clock management, the Redskins could not punch it into the end zone, and had to settle for a 25-yard Graham Gano field goal that barely slipped in through the uprights. The Redskins now lead 10-3 at halftime, but it should be much more lopsided.

The Redskins put themselves in that position by taking a terrible delay of game penalty on the two-yard line. After a three-yard run by Keiland Williams got the ball to the two-yard line, the Redskins let the clock run down and took their second timeout. But then, the Redskins somehow let the play clock run all the way down, causing a delay of game penalty that pushed the ball back to the seven-yard line. To compound the matters, the Redskins burned their final time out, and McNabb's pass on third and goal was incomplete. The Redskins fans booed the team after the play, which was probably deserved.

It's unfortunate because the Redskins were able to run the ball effectively again. Torain began the drive with a 19-yard run, and Williams caught a 36-yard screen pass to get the ball deep inside Tampa Bay territory. Torain has 158 yards rushing already, as the Redskins have outgained the Buccaneers 272-144.