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Buccaneers Vs. Redskins: Tampa Bay Tacks On Field Goal After Kickoff Fumble

You really couldn't have scripted a worse start to the second half for the Washington Redskins. They had a chance to go ahead 17-3 if they were able to get a score. Instead, disaster struck.

The Buccaneers' kick went short to Chris Wilson, but he lost the football trying to scoop it up. The Buccaneers recovered the fumble easier, and three plays later, they got a 44-yard field goal by Connor Barth to cut Washington's lead to 10-6.

It's not clear whether the Bucs were trying to kick away from Brandon Banks or whether Barth just messed up the kickoff, but either way, Wilson's fumble proved costly. The Redskins' defense held their ground initially, forcing a holding penalty that pushed the Bucs back. But then Rocky McIntosh jumped offsides, and Cadillac Williams picked up enough yards on third and 12 to get into field goal range. Barth's field goal was just long enough, as it barely got over the crossbar.

The Redskins will now need to score a touchown to make it a two-possession game.