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VIDEO: Washington Redskins Botch Extra Point Snap, Who Is To Blame?

As you probably know by now, the Washington Redskins lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17-16 because they couldn't execute a routine extra point snap. It was the final mistake in a game filled of mistakes, and it was particularly embarrassing. Nobody on the play is blameless.

However, if you take a look at the play, I'd point the finger Hunter Smith, the holder, first. Long snapper Nick Sundberg's snap is high, to be sure. He should be putting Smith in a better position. But the snap isn't so high where Smith can't make a play. Holders have brought down worse snaps before in similar conditions, and Smith is an experienced player in these spots, unlike Sundberg. 

Regardless of who is to blame, the Redskins suffered a new low this season with this play. The sad thing is that, given the missed opportunities that already occurred, you could almost see something like this coming. I guess that's what life is like being a Redskins fan.

Screenshots below the jump:


It's a high snap, to be fair, but it's certainly possible for Smith to bring this down.


Instead, Smith has it go through his hands.


Graham Gano is heartbroken.


Danny Smith isn't too thrilled with Hunter Smith.