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Mike Shanahan: Washington Redskins Bringing In Kickers Because Graham Gano's Ribs Are Hurt

As we noted earlier, the Washington Redskins are bringing in a number of kickers on Tuesday for a workout, which you'd think might be a sign that the team is dissatisfied with Graham Gano. The Redskins' kicker missed two short field goals against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, one from 24 yards and one from 34 yards.

However, Mike Shanahan said that he's satisfied with Gano's job performance. The issue, according to him, is that Gano's injured. During his Monday press conference, Shanahan said Gano has injured ribs.

Via Redskins Blog:

"We're bringing them in right now 'cause the ribs are sore, and if he's full speed he'll be our kicker this week."

Shanahan later said that he thought Gano lost confidence after missing the first field goal and said it's something all kickers go through. He said he talked to Gano and tried to explain to him that he hits the field goals in practice and just needs to translate that into games.