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NFL Playoff Scenarios: Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys Eliminated From Contention

The Washington Redskins will be looking for a sweep of the Dallas Cowboys next weekend when the two meet in Dallas. When the season started, it looked like the game would have playoff implications. However, due to two disappointing season, that is not the case.

As CBS Sports noted, both the Redskins and Cowboys have been officially eliminated from a chance to make the NFC Playoffs. Both teams lost this week -- the Redskins to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Cowboys to the Philadelphia Eagles -- so the fleeting hope that they could go on a hot streak and everyone in front of them would lose has evaporated. The Redskins dropped to 5-8 on the season, while the Cowboys are now 4-9.

The New York Giants, at 8-4, are currently in sixth place in the NFC and play the Minnesota Vikings tonight. The Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, at 8-5 each, are right behind them. However, by virtue of their loss to Tampa Bay on Sunday, the Redskins will lose a head-to-head battle if all teams finish 8-8. In addition, it's impossible for both Green Bay and New York to both finish 8-8, since they play each other on December 26.