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Albert Haynesworth Suspended: Players Union Taking Its Time With Appeal

It didn't take long after he was suspended for Albert Haynesworth to say that he would seek an appeal. The organization hat usually handles those types of cases is the Players Association, which was created to defend the NFL's players against any and all unfair treatments. You would think that this type of thing would open a few eyes over there. You would be wrong.

According to Jason Reid of the Washington Post's Redskins Insider, the Players Association isn't in much of a hurry to review Haynesworth's case.

As for the union's part, rushing Haynesworth's appeal in front of an arbitrator makes no sense from its standpoint, especially during a time of negotiations for a new labor deal. To say the least, Haynesworth is not a sympathetic figure, so it would seem to benefit the union to deal with this matter out of the public glare sometime after the regular season ends. And the union also probably fears that owners will use the Haynesworth-Redskins saga as part of their public relations efforts if CBA negotiations get really messy, so why provide more ammunition for the other side while things are still white hot?

Kind of funny, and kind of sad. Even the union, whose only job is to tirelessly protect its players, is dragging its feet in coming to Haynesworth's aid.