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Brian Orakpo Really Doesn't Like Being Held

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Brian Orakpo must have waken up on the wrong side of the bed today, because he certainly seemed to be in a grumpy mood during today's media session at Redskins Park. First, he was asked about all the drama surrounding Donovan McNabb, and provided a rather cryptic answer. 

"No, I'm not surprised. We're the Washington Redskins. It seems like we've been dealing with turmoil week-in and week-out since I've been here."    

A cheerful guy, that Brian. So it seemed like the perfect time to ask him about the one subject that I'm sure he loves: all the missed holding calls against him. The latest was this blatant one that occurred on Josh Freeman's go-ahead touchdown pass to Kellen Winslow. The entire team was livid at the time, and clearly, Orakpo is still mad about it.

"I can't wait until the offseason. I gotta find a way to get these hands off me."    

That's cute, Brian. Really cute. But I should have known you'd keep going on with a line like this:

"We saw it, blatant as day. The [official] was just watching. He was being a fan instead of doing his job."    

BAM. In the referee's defense, Winslow is fun to watch...