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Donovan McNabb Benched: Rex Grossman Will Start At Quarterback For Redskins Against Cowboys, According To Reports

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We have a full-fledged quarterback controversy on our hands. Early in the week, there were whispers that the Washington Redskins would bench Donovan McNabb in favor of Rex Grossman. Now, it looks like that may indeed be a reality. According to multiple reports, Mike Shanahan will elect to make a change and start Grossman over McNabb when the team takes on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunay.

Lindsay Murphy of FOX 5 was the first to report the news, and CSN's Kelli Johnson fills in some more details:

Just learned that Rex Grossman is starting over McNabb Sun in Dallas; I'm told Redskins Lockeroom is divided and guys are extremely upset    

It's a very surprising move, even though there were several warning signs from earlier in the week. On Monday, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported that the team was considering making the switch due to McNabb's injuries. Mike Shanahan denied the report, but on Wednesday, he refused to commit to McNabb as his starter because he wanted to throw off the Cowboys' gameplan. Then, of course, there's the onging reality that Shanahan and his son Kyle have not been thrilled with McNabb's performance this year. 

This move certainly throws McNabb's future with the team in doubt. He signed a contract extension a few weeks ago, but the Redskins can get out of it with only a $3.5 million guarantee if they cut McNabb after the season ends. 

We'll have much more on this story as it develops.