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Donovan McNabb Benched: Redskins Players Reportedly Not Happy Rex Grossman Will Start At Quarterback

Mike Shanahan's reported decision to bench Donovan McNabb in favor of Rex Grossman is a shocking move that probably won't go over too well with most Reskins fans. At least that's an educated guess. It does appear to be a certainty that the Redskins players aren't too thrilled with Shanahan's decision. They have stood up for McNabb all season, and according to reports, they are upset now.

Kelli Johnson of CSN Washington was the first to note locker room uproar over the decision.

Just learned that Rex Grossman is starting over McNabb Sun in Dallas; I'm told Redskins Lockeroom is divided and guys are extremely upset    

That account was backed up by NFL Network's Jason La Canfora, a former Redskins beat writer. Except, he went a step further.

Players are very upset over this decision and Kyle Shanahan facing credibility issues in that locker room, players said. Of the decision to start Grossman over McNabb, one players told me, "the guys in the locker room are extremely pissed." Not a good scene in DC at all...    

It makes you wonder whether Shanahan's play is worth it. Sure, McNabb is struggling, and sure, he may not be right for the team's long-term plans, but it's almost as if you're really losing an entire offense if these reports are true. 

As for McNabb, it remains unclear whether he was informed of the decision. He hadn't been by Wednesday, according to the Washington Post:

McNabb said Wednesday he had not been told he would be replaced, and that he would expect to be told of such a move in advance.

"I would have hoped so," McNabb said. "That's professionalism and communication."