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Donovan McNabb Benched: Mike Shanahan On His Decision To Start Rex Grossman

Mike Shanahan just addressed the media and explained his reasoning behind benching Donovan McNabb in favor of Rex Grossman. Let's see what Coach had to say 140 characters at a time. These are tweets from the collection of reporters who cover the Skins.

Kelli Johnson

Shanahan made decision to go to Rex when they were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs

Matt Terl

Shanahan says he told McNabb that he could not guarantee he'd be back next season, but he promised he'd be honest with the QB.

Mike Jones

Shanahan said Kyle had no idea the move was going to be made.

John Keim

Shanahan said he's seen 5 for 13 weeks; "the next 3 weeks won't change my mind."


Shanahan: Beck will be backup so they can see what he offers as well.

Ryan O'Halloran

Shanny: "John Beck has been playing exceptional."

Grant Paulsen

Mike Shanahan: ''Since we're mathematically eliminated, I've got to see the other two guys.''


Shanny said he told DM5 after Thurs practice "because I knew it was going to be a circus."


Shanahan said he thinks donovan has been healthy. Not an issue.


Shanahan: ''Rex deserves the chance to show us what he can do. I've been impressed with him since day one.''


Shanahan: I think Rex gives us a great chance to win.

Lots to digest there. Maybe go back and read it one more time. What I think it boils down to, though, is that they aren't happy with McNabb. If they were, they wouldn't need to see what they had behind him. Nobody ever really needs to evaluate the backup quarterback if you don't think he has a real good chance of getting some playing time. If this is the only reason they give for starting Grossman, I think it's pretty clear what their intentions are.