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Donovan McNabb Benched: Rex Grossman on His New Opportunity As the Starter

It's now Rex Grossman's turn to address the media about his new gig as the starting quarterback of the Washington Redskins. This is Grossman on his new opportunity, 140 characters at a time, from various 'Skins beat reporters:

Grant Paulsen

Rex Grossman: ''Last night after practice, I was lifting and I was summoned up to the head coaches office, and he told me.''

Chris Russell

Rex said he had a "few hints" but nothing official until last evening. "It's a big opportunity for me"

Mike Jones

Rex: everybody has doubters...I'm human, who's not going to be motivated... to prove i'm a bonafied starter, can lead team to championship

Ryan O'Halloran

Rex said he and McNabb talked in weight room after decision and also on the phone last night.


Grossman on DAL game: ''I'm confident we can go win.'' ... ''I respect everything [Donovan] had done this year. This is a tough situation.''

In a way, Grossman is in an unenviable position here. He has to show he is capable of running the offense, but while doing so, he will be under constant scrutiny.

Every bad throw, every missed read, and every bad decision will be both an indictment of him as a quarterback and the coach who decided he should play more than Donovan McNabb.

Hopefully Grossman is looking forward to this.