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Donovan McNabb Benched: Redskins Players React To 'The Decision'


Well, you had to figure the players would come out with strong opinions to the Donovan McNabb benching.

Oh wait, they didn't. The players know at this point not to come out and openly question their head coach.

Here's a roundup of some player quotes, tweeted by the Redskins beat reporters Grant Paulsen and Chris Russell: 


Trent Williams on McNabb's benching: "I don't got a comment on it. I get paid to play I don't get paid to make decisions."

Orakpo on McNabb: "He wants to lead by example and wants to win games. I admire guys like that, especially with the season we're having."

Chris Cooley: "I don't think in it's in any way a slap at Donovan. At this point in the year, it's not going to hurt us."

Phillip Daniels: "I have no reaction. Coach Shanahan felt like he wanted to go with Rex ... As long as he talked to Donovan, I'm cool."


Kory Lichtensteiger: "We really had no idea. Rex was taking more reps then what he usually has, but he did that last week too."

Kory Lichtensteiger "It's just football. Im not in a position to second guess anything anymore. He wants to give the other guys a look."


Nothing shocking here. The players are either tight lipped or in support of their coach (albeit lukewarmly).

The locker room has learned throughout the course of the 2010 season that they better get behind Shanahan and play well in the system, or they will go the way of Haynesworth, or I guess now, the way of McNabb.