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Donovan McNabb Benched: Cowboys Players Say They're "Pretty Happy" About The News

Well, at least there are people out there who have Mike Shanahan's back on the decision to bench Donovan McNabb.

Unfortunately for Shanahan and the rest of the Redskins, those people are the Dallas Cowboys

According to a report by Rick Maese of the Washington Post, Cowboys defensive end Jason Hatcher said his team was quite pleased with the decision:

"Everybody started smiling," Dallas defensive end Jason Hatcher said Friday in the Cowboys' locker room. "We were pretty happy about the news."


"We'll take Rex over McNabb any day," he said. "[McNabb's] hard to contain. He's hard to bring down and he can make plays with his legs and his arm. Not taking anything away from Rex Grossman, I think he's a good quarterback also."

So, just to keep score:

1. Redskins fans are upset

2. Redskins players are upset

3. Cowboys players are happy

Shanahan probably didn't anticipate that being the end result of this decision.