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Redskins Continue To Ruin Players' Trade Value

When the Washington Redskins signed Donovan McNabb to a contract extension just one month and two days ago, they structured it so that the team would own McNabb's rights for the 2011 season and beyond while delaying a decision on his future in D.C. Even though he would only be owed $3.75 Million if he is cut this offseason, he is technically under contract for the duration of the five-year deal unless traded.


By Mike Shanahan's actions today, a trade now seems entirely unlikely. Why would any team trade anything of significance to the Redskins for a player who will be listed as their third-string quarterback in Week 16?


For the third time this calendar year, the Redskins have ruined the trade value of what should have been a fairly valuable commodity. They did it first to Jason Campbell by acquiring McNabb while Campbell was still on the team. Then Shanahan defamed the name of Albert Haynesworth since the moment he decided to skip training camp. And now McNabb.


Had McNabb started the final three weeks of the season and earned good reviews, the Redskins could have at least gotten a third-round pick back for him. Now though? Now they'd be lucky to get anything.