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Donovan McNabb Benched: Daniel Snyder Reportedly "Not Happy" With Handling Of McNabb Situation

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There has certainly been a fair share of disappointment within the Redskins organization with how the Donovan McNabb benching was handled.

Unfortunately for the coaching staff, it looks like owner Daniel Snyder may be the most disappointed, according to Jay Glazer of FoxSports (via Red Zone):

Jay Glazer of FOXSports reports that Dan Snyder is not happy as he was out of the country when it was decided that QB Donovan McNabb would be benched.  After an efficient game against Tampa Bay, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said that he was upset with McNabb's performance and that it was the last snap that McNabb would take this season. Shanahan pushed and eventually got the benching to occur.  Glazer reports that Snyder may make major coaching changes however as he is not happy with the way this situation was handled.

Uh oh.

If any of this proves to be true, Redskins fans may have to brace for offensive coaching changes in the coming offseason. With it being highly unlikely that Snyder would get rid of Mike Shanahan after one season, it would seem that his son Kyle could be in the cross hairs of the owner.

And we all know what happens when that's the case.