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Redskins Vs. Cowboys: Cowboys Strike First With David Buehler Field Goal, Giving Cowboys A 3-0 Lead

The Cowboys have struck first with a 42 yard field goal from kicker David Buehler.

The Boys got great field position right from the start when they returned the opening kick 38 yards to the Dallas 47 yard line. From there, the Cowboys looked like they were going to simply waltz doswn the field for an opening touchdown.

Quarterback Jon Kitna went 2/3 for 21 yards, and running back Felix Jones had 3 carries for 13 yards, putting the Cowboys deep inside Redskins territory very early in the game.

From that point, the Skins defense tightened up and did not allow the Cowboys offense to get any further.Reed Doughty got a key sack to help stall the drive and force the Cowboys to kick the field goal.

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for, Rex Grossman returning as a starting quarterback. Redskins fans are about to find out what he can do.