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Redskins Vs. Cowboys: Santana Moss Scores Again To Cut Into Cowboys Lead 30-22

The Redskins have crawled back into this game.

Santana Moss has gone back to his Cowboy killing ways as he caught his second touchdown pass of the day, this time a 5 yarder from Grossman.

The 14 play, 78 yard scoring drive was much more methodical than the previous one, as the Redskins had several key plays to extend the drive. The Redskins used an efficient mix of run and pass to move the chains, the most important of which coming on a 10 yard reception by Anthony Armstrong on 4th down from mid field. After that catch, the Redskins were able to get inside the red zone and do some damage.

However, the Redskins were helped out by the referees. On a 3rd and goal, the Cowboys were guilty of a questionable roughing the passer penalty on Grossman, which gave the Redskins a new set of downs. Three plays later, Grossman hit Moss in the endzone. The Redskins good fortune coninued, ad they converted their first two point conversion of the year, which was a Grossman pass to Chris Cooley, who crossed the plane with possession before he fell out of the endzone. 

Now that it is a one score game, this is starting to feel like a traditional Redskins-Cowboys game.