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Mike Shanahan Knows How To Coach, Says Mike Shanahan

We've seen plenty of parodies of the "Mike Shanahan is a genius" meme, ranging from a Twitter account to an artistic rendition of Shanahan's brain inside a 16-year old girl. But those were parodies. After Shanahan's handpicked quarterback Rex Grossman nearly led the Redskins back with a performance better than anything Donovan McNabb provided all season, Shanahan was sure to remind everyone about how right he was.

Via Mike Jones of TBD:

"People have no idea what I look at every day," Shanahan spat. "These experts are not at practice. They evaluate off of what they've seen in the past."    


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When I had Jake Plummer, he had a winning percentage of 36 percent. Everybody said we were crazy. He had 90 touchdown passes and 114 interceptions. ‘How can you bring a guy to the Denver Broncos that had won 36 percent of his games?' And four years later, he'd won 72 percent of his games, which was the best in four years.     

He also hates your guts, and you ruined his NFL career. But otherwise, you did great Mike. Just great.

Everybody looks at the playoffs when we were 1-3 with the Denver Broncos. You've gotta take a look at all the great things that Jake did.     

... but don't forget to overlook how I killed his confidence and ruined his career. 

"Guys, this is a long process. Everybody's going to try to make this always a quarterback issue, but I understand this game, and I understand how it works,'     

I know how to win in the National Football League, so I'm going to share this deep secret. It's not about the quarterback, man. It's not even about football. F'real, this is bigger than that. This is, like, about life man, and freedom. That's right, freedom. I know it sounds crazy, but trust me man, it's all about freedom. I've done this before. 

In all seriousness, I guess it's only fair for Mike to gloat a bit. For one game, he was right about Rex Grossman.