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After Groin Injury, Clinton Portis Wants To Return To Washington Redskins Next Season

You're probably thinking "Of course, why would Clinton Portis want to leave the Redskins next year when he could make a huge salary next year!" And you'd be right. But this is also Clinton Portis, who isn't afraid to speak his mind. He's not going to convey the typical athlete-speak we often see today.

So when he says he wants to come back with the Redskins next year, it's because ... he genuinely believes he still belongs on the Redskins. Today at Redskins Park, Portis said his recent groin surgery "fixed" things, was "minor" and is something that he will overcome. Via Ryan O'Halloran of Comcast SportsNet:

"Of course I want to come back and play," he said. "The previous two seasons, just losing the lust for the game and not really knowing what I wanted to do compared to finally putting the work in this off-season, getting back, having a system that you believe in, getting the right teammates around, seeing the right guys fight for the right purpose - all of a sudden, you miss it again.

"This is a good thing going. I think the coaching staff and organization are heading in the right direction. It's going to happen soon. When you get a couple pieces in place, it's going to be the Redskins' year. Why not be a part of that?"    

Now, if you're a skeptic, you'll sneer that Portis should have realized he needed to keep his body in better condition sooner. Again, you'd be right. But still, it's striking to see just how badly Portis wants his Redskins career to continue. He later admitted that he was ready to retire two years ago, but now doesn't want to "leave on this note."

Portis has a base salary of $8.3 million next year, but that is non-guaranteed. If he returns, he will likely have to accept a massive pay cut. He remains 648 yards behind John Riggins on the all-time Redskins rushing yards list, so maybe that's a motivation for him wanting to return.