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Clinton Portis Is Open To Restructuring His Contract To Stay With Washington Redskins

Clinton Portis, in front of a group of reporters at Redskins Park today, said that he wants to remain with the Washington Redskins next year instead of retiring. He said the surgery on his injured groin wasn't too serious and that he feels he has some football left in him.

But the big issue remains Portis' contract. Portis has a base salary of $8.3 million, which is entirely too much to even an elite running back. It would be a major upset if the Redskins sunk that much money into Portis next season when his best days are clearly behind him.

Therefore, if Portis wants to return, he'll likely have to take a sizable pay cut. Luckily for the Redskins, it appears Portis would be willing to do that. TBD's Mike Jones asked Portis that question privately, and here's what Portis had to say.

"Man, I'm not worried about that. Whatever they feel like they have to do, it'll work itself out."

It remains to be seen just how much of a pay cut Portis would accept, but that's certainly a sign that he's willing to work something out with the team to make the cap hit more manageable.