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NFL Playoff Picture: Patriots, Steelers And Falcons Clinch Spots In The Playoffs

The Redskins still aren't in playoff contention, that much has not changed. The rest of the standings and playoff scenarios in the NFL have changed based on the games that occurred this weekend. Let's run it down.

NFC East: The Eagles are now the favorites in the division after their comeback win against the Giants on Sunday. The Eagles are now a game ahead, but also have the tiebreaker after sweeping the season series. So basically they have a two game lead. The Giants would have to win their final two games while the Eagles lost both if they were to win the Division. The Giants still have one of the better records in the Conference and have a very good chance of making the postseason as a wildcard.

NFC North: Chicago is 1.5 games up on the Packers, with an opportunity to make it 2 with a win over the Vikings tonight. It will be hard for the Packers to make it into the playoffs if Aaron Rodgers continues to miss time with the concussion. As of right now, they sit at a game behind the Giants, tied with the Bucs.

NFC South: The Falcons are the only team from the NFC that have clinched a spot in the playoffs. The Saints aren't mathematically eliminated from winning the division, but down two with two games to go, it will be hard for them to get anything better than a wildcard spot. But at 10-4, they'll be one of the more dangerous teams ever to play their opening playoff game on the road.

NFC West: Basically, this. The Seahawks and the Rams are tied for the division lead at 6-8. Whoever wins this division, possibly at 7-9. The winner of course would have to host the Saints in the wildcard game. Who do you think would be favored to win this one?

AFC East: The Patriots have clinched a spot in the playoffs and have basically clinched the division. The Jets got a big win over the Steelers and now have a good shot at earning one of the two wildcard spots.

AFC North: The Steelers also clinched a playoff spot despite their loss to the Jets. The Ravens actually have the same record as the Steelers, and split the season series, but would finish second in a tiebreaker because of divisional record. The Steelers have already played their five division games and finished 4-1, while the Ravens are just 2-2. A loss to the 3-11 Bengals could cost the Ravens a shot at the Divisional crown.

AFC South: The Jaguars could have actually clinched the division if they were able to beat the Colts on Sunday, but with their win, the Colts are now the favorites in the division. Because the Jets and Ravens each have two more wins than either of these teams, they probably won't be able to qualify for the playoffs as a wildcard. This one is going to be all or nothing.

AFC West: The Chiefs are still trying to desperately hold on to the lead they established over the Chargers early in the season. But the Chargers are pulling their usual late season charge, and now just sit a game back. Like the AFC South the second place team probably doesn't have a shot at the playoffs, so this one could get interesting.