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2011 NFL Draft Projections: The Redskins Continue To Climb Up The Draft Board

I'm a silver lining kind of guy. Sure, the Redskins are losing games in bunches recently, but that's a good thing if you're worried about when they will be drafting in April. In fact, without a shot to make it to the playoffs, the only thing left to be decided by their remaining games is their draft position. So if you're not Rex Grossman playing for tdrae opportunity to be the starting quarterback next year, this is all you are playing for. Here are the bottom ten teams in the NFL:

  • Carolina (2-12): Even though they only have a one game "lead" in this category, the panthers are said to have a95% chance of owning the number one pick. Oddsmakers sure don't have a lot of faith in Jimmy Clausen these days.
  • Denver (3-11): They deserve the top pick after all the stuff they've gone through with McDaniels over the last year or so, but at the same time, if I'm the best player in the draft, this might be the last team I want to be drafted by.
  • Cincinatti (3-11): Check that, this is the last team i want to be drafted by. They always seem to have some talent on the roster, but they can't perform up to that level. This is a sink hole that I would not want to be my first NFL franchise.
  • Arizona (4-10): Hey, at least they get the weather.
  • Detroit (4-10): When all of their top ten picks finally amount to a winning season, and they are no longer drafting in this area, I think I'll miss them. But we'll always have Charles Rogers. 
  • Buffalo (4-10): If I was a Bills I wouldn't be so happy about all the wins they are piling up recently. It's good for the fan base, but they keep getting further and further away from a shot at Andrew Luck. 
  • San Fransisco (5-9): Wasn't this team supposed to make the playoffs?
  • Washington (5-9): Back in the top ten. WOOOOOO! Nobody wants to be here, but this is a great chance to add some talent. Hopefully a quarterback to step in for Sexy Rexy as soon as possible. But they can't reach on somebody just because they need the position.
  • Dallas (5-9): Wouldn't it be terrible if they finished with a better record than the Redskins after starting so poorly. Either way, it's good to see that they might be drafting in the top ten after starting the season with such high hopes.
  • Houston (5-9): Another team that was supposed to make the playoffs this year. If I had told you before the season that the Skins would have finished with the same record as the two teams from Texas, it would have been seen as a good thing. In reality, not so much.

Cleveland also has a 5-9 record, and Minnesota can get there with a loss tonight. In the event of ties, a coin flip decides things. So they could pick as high as 8th. Of course, this will all be completely different at this time next week. we'll update you again then.