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Donovan McNabb Benched: Kyle Shanahan Calls McNabb's Agent's Statement 'Disturbing'

In a statement released yesterday, Donovan McNabb's agent Fletcher Smith had some strong allegations directed toward Mike and Kyle Shanahan for the way they handled the benching of his client. Mike Shanahan responded in a statement late last night, and now, Kyle Shanahan has responded. Kyle's response, however, was much stronger.

In an interview with CSN Washington's Kelli Johnson at Redskins Park, Kyle Shanahan called Smith's words "disturbing." He said that he met with McNabb last night, and McNabb told him that the claims made by Smith were no true. 

Kyle Shanahan also denied saying that McNabb will never take a snap for him again, as Smith alleged he did. He also denied that the team switched to a different offense with Rex Grossman, taking issue with another one of Smith's claims.

"To hear we had a different offense for Rex was a joke."    

Kyle Shanahan also said he never had a confrontation with McNabb. In essence, Kyle Shanahan is saying that McNabb's agent did this on his own without consulting McNabb. Kyle Shanahan said he and McNabb had a face-to-face meeting to clear everything up earlier Friday.

Mike Shanahan declined to comment, other than to say he would talk to Smith. McNabb also declined to comment.