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Donovan McNabb Benched: Agent Fletcher Smith Says He Is 'On The Same Page' As McNabb

After Kyle Shanahan responded to claims made by Fletcher Smith, Donovan McNabb's agent, the quarterback declined comment. Rather than speaking for himself, the well-respected Redskins offensive captain is letting his agent do the talking for him.

Fletcher Smith issued another short statement tonight, and Rich Campbell of the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star has all the details.

Donovan and I talk constantly and have done so with more frequency during this season ... We are absolutely on the same page. I stand by my statement. I will reserve any further comments until after I have had ... a chance to speak, directly, with coach Shanahan.

Not quite as strong a statement as his comments from earlier in the week. It looks like the McNabb clan and the Shanahans are going to try to sort this out under the radar screen. But shots have already been fired, and its pretty hard to put them back in the pistol.