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Donovan McNabb Benched: McNabb Will Reportedly Ask For Release At The End Of The Season

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Since it's quite clear that Donovan McNabb will not be apart of the Washington Redskins future, and with his agent firing off statement after statement, it was only obvious that McNabb would eventually try to get out of D.C.

And according to an ESPN report, it looks like McNabb will ask to be released in the offseason:

Being that Donovan McNabb no longer is a part of the Washington Redskins' game plans, he has his own game plan in place for after this season, according to one person close to the quarterback.

After the season, McNabb is planning to meet with the Redskins and ask them for his release. McNabb wants to be in a position where he can pick the place to finish his career, not have it dictated to him as was the case last season when Philadelphia traded him to Washington.

It's highly unlikely the Redskins initially would release McNabb, not when they believe he still has some trade value. Washington would want to recoup as much as possible for the player whom they surrendered second- and fourth-round picks.

It looks like the Redskins will have traded multiple draft picks for another one and done-er. The key here is how much they will work with Donovan in getting him out of here. They really don't want to release him and get nothing for him, despite how  they diminished his value by the way they treated him this year.

The Redskins may want to pull an Andy Reid and "do right by Donovan" and try and deal him to a team like Arizona (a place where McNabb calls home) or Minnesota (a team who could be a quarterback away from contending), while still trying to get whatever they can for another wasted investment. Either way, it looks like this will spell the end for McNabb's short, drama filled tenure here in D.C.