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Redskins Vs. Jaguars: Grossman Hooks Up With Fred Davis To Give Redskins 10-0 Lead

The Redskins may be having their best start to a game this season right now against the Jags. The Skins have scored again on a Rex Grossman pass to Fred Davis.

The drive was set up by a huge interception by Carlos Rogers (that's right, he caught the ball), who returned the ball into Jacksonville territory. The offense used a mix of run and pass to get inside the 10 yard line, and from there, the Redskins got cute. Kyle Shanahan brought back the wild cat with Brandon Banks at quarterback, and Banks handed the ball off the Ryan Torain, who had a minimal game. One play later, the Redskins caught a huge break when a 3rd and goal incompletion was nullified thanks to an illegal contact penalty, giving the Redskins a fresh set of downs.

The Redskins then ran two play action fakes in a row. The first was to a wide open Chris Cooley, who inexplicably dropped the pass in the end zone. After that play, the Redskins finally got it right when Grossman ran a similar play action fake, this time to Fred Davis. Davis made the catch and the Redskins went are up 10-0. Grossman was so excited he even did the Florida 'Gator Chomp' in celebration. 

Right now it looks like the offensive momentum is carrying over from last week's Dallas game. Let's see if Grossman can continue to make his case as the starter for 2011.