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Close Call On Derek Cox Interception May Not Have Been Correct

A controversial call late in the second quarter of the Redskins game against the Jaguars is resulting in a lot of criticism for NFL officiating. Despite an instant replay challenge by Mike Shanahan, the interception by cornerback Derek Cox of Rex Grossman was ruled a catch.

The official ruling from the referee Jerome Boger:

After reviewing the play, the ruling on the field is confirmed. The defensive back stuck the catch while the left foot was still in the ground. Got the second foot in. The third step was out of bounds.

Yeah, we don't think so. Take a look at these two screencaps and judge for yourself.


First we see Cox making the catch in front of Santana Moss. Is his left foot on the ground? Boger says so. We're not sure we agree.


In between these two frames, Cox's right foot clearly was down in bounds. But here we see his left foot on the line. It should also be worth noting that Moss ripped the ball out of Cox's hands after the cornerback was out of bounds.

The Jaguars got the ball on the 20-yard line following the touchback. They didn't score on their ensuing drive, but its tough to think that this controversial call didn't cost the Redskins at least three points.

This was the Redskins' first turnover of the game as they continue to outplay the Jaguars in what has been a sloppy contest. Turnovers, penalties, dropped balls. This is Redskins football at its worst. But its been very difficult to tell which team is the one fighting for a playoff spot and which is already looking towards 2011.