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Redskins Vs. Jaguars: David Garrard Scores On A 20 Yard Run To Tie Game 17-17

Well, the Redskins just let the Jags right back in this game.

After the Redskins offense could not take much time off the clock, the punter Sam Paulescu booted a horrible 35 yard line drive punt and Mike Thomas returned the ball to midfield, setting up t he Jags with great field position. As soon as that happened, you had to know something bad was going to happen on the drive.

David Garrard hit Jason Hill for 20 yards, and the Redskins lost their starting nose tackle, Anthony Bryant. The Jags took advantage two plays later. They called a quarterback draw which Garrard executed it perfectly a s he run right up the middle, weaved through traffic, and 20 yards later, scored the game tying touchdown. 

This 4th quarter has gone the way that the Redskins games have typically gone. Just when you think they could preserve the lead, the offense can't stay on the field and the defense can't get off the field. 

If Rex Grossman wants to make a statement about his future as the starter, he needs to drive the Redskins down for the game winning score.