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Redskins Now 3-1 In Overtime In 2010

With today's overtime victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Redskins improved to 3-1 in overtime in 2010. That's despite losing all four of the coin tosses leading into the extra period.

On the bright side, the Redskins' three overtime victories in one season is the most ever in franchise history. On the downside though, the Redskins now have as many overtime wins as regulation wins (via DCAbloob).

Washington lost to the Houston Texans in overtime in the second game of the season, but haven't lost in extra time since, with victories over Green Bay, Tennessee, and now Jacksonville. The overtime win over the Packers came in similar circumstances, with the defense coming up huge. In that game, it was LaRon Landry who picked off Aaron Rodgers to set up the game-winner. Today it was Kevin Barnes, a cornerback forced to play as safety due to injuries.

Despite his faults, Graham Gano deserves plenty of credit for this surprisingly historic statistic. Gano has scored the game-winning field goal in all three overtime victories.

The Redskins could have went to a fifth overtime this season if not for the failed extra point attempt in the closing seconds of the home loss to the Buccaneers two weeks ago.