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Morning Commute: A Win's A Win, But The Redskins Beat A Shorthanded Team

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I'm happy the Washington Redskins put forward an excellent effort against a Jacksonville Jaguars team fighting for the playoffs. I'm happy the Redskins were able to find contributions from young players to get it done. Lord knows they need more of those kinds of guys moving forward.

But I also think another reality check is in order. The Jaguars may have been 8-6, but they were 8-6 with a full compliment of players. While the Redskins had many guys out of action, none of those players are as important to their team as Maurice Jones-Drew is to Jacksonville.

Without Jones-Drew, the Jaguars' offense stinks. David Garrard is not a good quarterback without MJD protecting him with his running. Rashad Jennings has promise, but he's a major step down in many ways, both with his running ability and his pass blocking. In fact, Kevin Barnes' game-winning interception came because Jennings couldn't recognize Chris Wilson and Rocky McIntosh blitzing. Jacksonville's receivers are not very good either, especially once you account for Mike Sims-Walker playing through pain. 

It's a good win, and a sign that there's talent on this team. That's good. But we have to acknowledge that Jacksonville was missing the only real indispensable player on their roster.

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