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NFL Pro Bowl: Former Redskin Brandon Lloyd Makes AFC Roster, Curses At Former Teams

The idea of Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Lloyd as a Pro Bowl player was pretty shocking to anyone before the season started. However, after an outstanding season in Denver, Lloyd made the AFC roster and will play in the game.

I say shocking because anyone who watched Lloyd play in Washington D.C. saw a very different Lloyd than the one we saw in 2010. Lloyd played two seasons for the Redskins, catching a total of 25 passes in 23 games after signing a big free-agent contract. There were many players who signified the free-spending ways of owner Dan Snyder, and Lloyd was one of them. The thought of him being a Pro Bowler five years later didn't cross anyone's mind.

But it happened. Lloyd was rejuvenated under the Broncos' pass-heavy attack, catching 72 passes for 1,375 yards and 10 touchdowns thus far this season. Naturally, he was asked whether he wanted to say anything to the Redskins and the other two teams (San Francisco, Chicago) that gave up on him. His answer surprised everyone.

Asked if he wanted to tell those three teams: "told you so," Lloyd said half-good naturedly, half-seriously: ""No, I want to say, ‘(Bleep) you.' And I mean that in the most professional way."    

I guess that is his right.