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Albert Haynesworth Will Be Required To Report To Redskins On Monday

We all thought that the Albert Haynesworth saga was over in Washington when Mike Shanahan and the Redskins suspended the defensive lineman for the last four games of the season. As it turns out though, Haynesworth's suspension will technically be up on Monday, meaning that his contract would require him to report to Redskins Park for meetings following the team's final game against the Giants.

But will he report? Rich Campbell of the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star spoke to Vonnie Holliday, one of Haynesworth's best friends on the team, and Holliday expects Haynesworth to be present. Obviously Haynesworth doesn't want to risk jeopardizing his bank account.

As Campbell wrote later though, Haynesworth's attendance isn't likely to have any effect on the Redskins' claims against the player's $22 Million signing bonus.

According to Article XIV, Section 9(a)(ii) of collective bargaining agreement, teams can seek a forfeiture of signing bonus money only if a player willingly takes action that undermines his ability to contribute in either preseason or the regular season. Of course, the season is over on Sunday.