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Redskins Vs. Giants: Ahmad Bradshaw Extends Giants Lead Over the Redskins 14-0


Through the first two drives of this game, the Giants are making it look easy. After forcing a three and out, the Giants got a second touchdown run, this time from Ahmad Bradshaw, to give the Giants 14-0.

For the second time in as many drives, the Giants drove 59 yards on 7 plays. The Redskins defensive line was unable to get any push up front, allowing Eli Manning plenty of time in the pocket and giving Giants running backs huge lanes to run through. The Giants took full advantage on this drive, as Bradshaw ran to his right for the 4 yard touchdown.

You'd have to wonder at this point if the Redskins made a mistake sitting Albert Haynesworth in this game. It may be early, but it looks like the Redskins really miss him right now.