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Redskins Vs. Giants: Bradshaw Scores Again, Giving The Giants 21-0 Lead Late In Second Quarter

Unfortunately for the Redskins, this game has the making of another blowout by a division rival. The Giants have scored again, this time on a 10 yard touchdown run by Ahmad Bradshaw, giving them a 21-0 lead over the Redskins in the second quarter.  

After an Anthony Armstrong fumble inside Redskins territory (and a delay of game penalty by London Fletcher), the Giants took over at the Redskins 34 yard line. From there the Giants made it look easy once again, this time mostly via the air. They have purposefully thrown away from DeAngello Hall, instead opting to exploit the Redskins lack of depth in their secondary. Eli Manning continually picked on the Redskins cornerbacks Phillip Buchanon and Kevin Barnes, who gave up easy yards against the Giants makeshift receiving corps. Bradshaw then delivered what could be the early dagger against the Redskins, as he ran up the middle for 10 yards almost untouched into the endzone, giving the G-Men the three score lead. 

The Redskins are getting handled on both sides of the ball (particularly on both lines), and it is showing up on the scoreboard. If they want to get back into this game, the Skins must find a way to play fundamental football on both sides of the ball, and avoid any killer mistakes that have plagued them through the first half.