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Devin Thomas Faces His Former Team As A Giant

Devin Thomas is on his third team of the 2010 NFL season. He was cut by the Redskins Week 5 without serving a single snap on offense. He was picked up by the Panthers, but then cut again Week 12 after making his only appearance on the active roster in Carolina. The Giants picked up Thomas two weeks ago, and today marks his first game active in New York.


With starting wide receivers Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith both injured, Thomas may now have his best opportunity to succeed.


Rumors that Thomas was added by the Giants to teach them secrets about Washington's offense have proved false. What would Thomas know about the Washington offense anyway when he used to sleep through meetings? Rather, Thomas was added by the Giants for his special teams skills.


The first half has concluded in New York, and Thomas already has one tackle on kickoff coverage, and has downed a punt inside the five-yard line.