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Family Feud: Mike And Kyle Shanahan Fight Over Challenge Flag

We had Joe Gibbs calling back-to-back timeouts. We had Jim Zorn calling a fake field goal after revealing the formation to the opposition. Now we have Mike Shanahan fighting with his son over the red challenge flag.

Will the Redskins ever have a head coach who doesn't embarass himself?

This incident came in the second quarter after a Donovan McNabb fumble that never should have happened. One of fumbles the Redskins gave up today. On a second-and-short play, McNabb scrambled for the first down. But rather than simply sliding or running out of bounds like most quarterbacks would, McNabb tried to make a move. He fumbled, and the ball was recovered by Corey Webster of the Giants.

It was clearly a fumble, as Kyle Shanahan must have known. Father Mike wanted to challenge the play, but his son knew better. Not challenging the play was the correct decision. It may have been one of the few correct decisions the Redskins made today.