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Shanahan Says He Deactivated Albert Haynesworth Because He Didn't Have Good Week Of Practice

Illness or no illness, it appears Albert Haynesworth did not have a good week of practice, according to Mike Shanahan.

In his post game press conference after the Giants game, Shanahan cited a poor practice on Thursday and a missed practice Friday for the reasons why Haynesworth did not play in todays game, according to Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan:

Shanahan says that Albert Haynesworth didn't play because he didn't have a good practice on Thursday and didn't practice at all on Friday.

It was the fourth game Haynesworth has missed this season, and it was perhaps the game he could have impacted the most. The Redskins defense allowed 197 rushing yards against the Giants, with the defensive line having perhaps it's worst game of the season. They were unable to get any push up front, which allowed Giant's running backs huge holes to run through and allowed Eli Manning to sit comfortably in the pocket to survey the field. 

Unfortunately for the Redskins, this is another chapter in the Shanahan vs. Haynesworth saga that seems to never end.