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Albert Haynesworth Expresses Frustration About Being Deactivated

The Albert Haynesworth saga has been revived, and it doesn't look like a happy ending is on the horizon. He was deactivated before the game after dealing with an illness late in the week, though coach Mike Shanahan said it was because he didn't practice much on Thursday or Friday. After the game, Haynesworth didn't seem to buy that one.

According to a report by ESPN 980's Chris Russell, Haynesworth was visibly upset in the locker room after the game.

To cap it off, a source told me Albert in locker room before media let in said "I was late 2 F***ing minutes and they bench me"? #redskins

This came after Haynesworth appeared to be in a verbal confrontation with defensive coordinator Jim Haslett before the game. As Russell notes, it appears that there's more to this story than what meets the eye. According to Rick Maese of the Washington Post, Haynesworth missed one team meeting and was late to another. But that didn't stop Haynesworth from expressing his frustration about this situation after the game. He said he was "shocked" he didn't play, and had this to say.

"I was sick, so I did show up a minute late," Haynesworth said. "I don't think that's a reason to sit out."    

When asked whether he was upset by the decision, Haynesworth said "this is their organization. I'm just a piece." Rather cryptic words, on the surface.