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NFL Playoff Picture: Redskins Not Yet Eliminated From Playoff Contention

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2010 is starting to feel like a lost season for the Washington Redskins. Not so fast. The team has not yet been mathematically elminated from playoff contention. In fact, if the Redskins win their last four games, they could still even win the NFC East, and earn a home playoff game.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We all understand that the Redskins are unlikely to win four straight games after turning in such a disappointingly awful performance against the New York Giants earlier today. But if you'd like to hold out hope for your team's success, then feel free to keep holding on.

With four wins in their final four games, the Redskins would finish 9-7, with a 4-2 record in the NFC East. The Eagles and Giants are currently tied atop the division at 8-4, and they still have to face each other. If both teams were to lose all their other remaining games, the Redskins would finished tied for first place in the NFC East with the winner of the remaining Eagles-Giants game, but would own the division record tiebreaker.

Plenty of other scenarios exist for the Redskins to make the playoffs as a wild card team, but almost all of them would require Washington to win all of its remaining games. Only the New Orleans Saints already have nine wins without leading their division, and therefore the second wild card spot remains up for grabs. In addition to the Saints, the Redskins would be competing with the second place NFC East team, the Buccaneers, and either the Vikings or Bears.