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Report: Washington Redskins Seriously Considering Releasing Albert Haynesworth

Just when we thought the Albert Haynesworth drama was over, the defensive tackle missed a couple practices and drew enough of Mike Shanahan's ire to be deactivated for the team's game against the New York Giants. Now, it looks like the Redskins may finally have had enough. A source tells ESPN 980's Chris Russell that the team is considering releasing Haynesworth this week.

#redskins source tells @espnradio980team is giving 'serious consideration' to releasing Haynesworth by Saturday. Source says '75% likely'    

Releasing Haynesworth is an admission that the events of last week are far more serious than it appeared on the surface. The Redskins have already given Haynesworth most of the money from his massive contract signed in 2009, so this is certainly not a financial move. Instead, it's a sign that Haynesworth may have truly lost the respect of the organization and the people in the locker room.

The trouble started when Haynesworth was late to practice on Friday. He claimed he was sick, but other players such as Phillip Daniels were able to practice despite also being sick. Haynesworth then reportedly missed a number of team meetings, leading to Shanahan's decision to deactivate him. After the game, Haynesworth said the move "shocked him," while Shanahan said Haynesworth simply had a poor week of practice.  A number of Redskins indicated to Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post that they were tired of Haynesworth's situation and had little sympathy for him.