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Despite Reports, Washington Redskins Will Not Release Albert Haynesworth

After he was deactivated against the Giants, reports started emerging that the Redskins were considering releasing Albert Haynesworth, as early as today. According to Adam Schefter, the guru of NFL knowledge, that isn't going to happen. Not today, not this week, and not before the season ends.

There's speculation that Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth will be released today. He will not. Not today, not this season.

He continues to say that this will not happen because something like that is decidedly not a "Mike Shanahan" type of move.

Knowing Mike Shanahan, he would not do Haynesworth a favor, give him a ticket out of Wash. Haynesworth issue will be handled differently.

That actually makes sense. Based on all the stuff that is coming out of Washington, nobody would benefit from being released more than Albert Haynesworth. It would get him out of Shanahan's doghouse permanently, and it wouldn't really hurt his pocket like it would with most players. Does that seem like the type of thing that Shanahan, who seems to hate Haynesworth with a burning passion (my words), would do? He knows Haynesworth is miserable in the role he has carved out for him, and I think he intends to keep him there as long as he can. Yeah, that definitely sounds more like him.