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Mike Shanahan Will Talk To Albert Haynesworth Before Deciding His Future

We expected Mike Shanahan to issue a swift denial of all the rumors regarding Albert Haynesworth's future with the Washington Redskins following his deactivation on Sunday. Shanahan did issue a swift response, but it's tough to call it an outright denial.

Speaking at the beginning of his weekly Monday press conference, Shanahan said he would hold off on conveying his decision on Haynesworth's future until he had a chance to sit down and talk to him one on one. He did not unequivocally say the team is not releasing him, as Adam Schefter reported earlier, but he did not make a statement the other way either. 

Shanahan said he wasn't sure exactly when he would meet with Haynesworth ("it could be today, could be tomorrow or Wednesday. A few scenarios could play out," he said), but he promised assembled media that he would have more of an update on his status on Wednesday. 

Shanahan also said he did not regret waiting to tell Haynesworth he was deactivated until just moments before kickoff, saying that's the case with anyone. He added that he did it "in the best interest of his team."