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Albert Haynesworth Radio Interview: Haynesworth Admits Being Out Until 12:30 Thursday Night

Albert Haynesworth was very, very adamant that a report from CSN Washington that quotes team personnel saying he was hung over before practice last Friday was incorrect. However, he did admit that he was out at a bar the night before. While off air, Haynesworth reportedly elaborated on that to 106.7 The Fan. Via Grant Paulsen:

For those interested: Albert Haynesworth has told @1067thefandc that he left American Tap Room's bar at about 12:30 am Friday morning.    

Haynesworth told "The Kevin And Rock Show" on 106.7 The Fan that he was not drinking. 

"Yeah I went out, on Thursday, but I left early because I wasn't feeling good and went home. People were saying that I was hung over and drunk or whatever, but if you look at my career, if you look at my college career, there's never, ever been alcohol involved. I've never been pulled over, I've never had a DUI, I've never had any public intoxication or anything like that. For these people to make up lies to try to make me look bad, it's ridiculous. I think they're cowards, and I think that if they have something to say, they should say it to my face, instead of being cowards and running to the media to try to blast me behind my back."

This, of course, raises a whole separate question, whether alcohol was involved or not. It's hard for me to judge athletes' personal lives, since I'm sure there are many who do socialize like Haynesworth did on Thursday night, but if Haynesworth was indeed due in at 6:30-7 a.m. the next day, why was he even out until 12:30? I'm not trying to judge the man offhand, but it's a major question that needs to be asked here.