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Albert Haynesworth Radio Interview: Haynesworth Says Redskins 'Aren't Serious About Winning'

While it was apparently discussed by numerous reporters during Redskins practice on that fateful day, Kelli Johnson of Comcast SportsNet was the first to report today that Albert Haynesworth was hungover heading into practice.

On the network's SportsNet Central broadcast at 10:00 PM, Johnson reported that she had reached out to both Haynesworth and the Redskins organization for responses. Only one complied. The big defensive lineman responded to Johnson via text mesage.

That is total bull***t. I went out but left early because I wasn't feeling well. Also, there wasn't any team meeting on Friday. The Redskins organization can say what they want, but obviously they aren't serious about winning games.

That's a very serious allegation, and one the Redskins aren't likely to take lightly. Haynesworth may believe that he's been treated unfairly, that he's been underutilized, and that the 3-4 system isn't right for him, but surely he doesn't really believe that Mike Shanahan and the Redskins would choose to punish him over winning football games. Does he?

The Redskins were playing for their playoff lives on Sunday. And yet one player continues to be bigger than the team. At least in his own mind.