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Brian Mitchell Calls Mike Shanahan An 'Ass,' Takes Issue With Albert Haynesworth's Suspension

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One of Albert Haynesworth's most vocal defenders has been Brian Mitchell. The former Redskins great is currently a CSN Washington studio analyst and a radio host for 106.7 The Fan. So what did he think about Albert Haynesworth being suspended for the rest of the season?


Naturally, he took Haynesworth's side after hearing about the news. In a Haynesworth-like rant of fury, Mitchell managed to bash pretty much everyone else at Redskins Park in an interview on "The Mike Wise Show" on 106.7 The Fan. Mitchell said Mike Shanahan deserves more blame for the situation than Albert Haynesworth (60-40, to be exact), said Shanahan has "been an ass all year" and called out Phillip Daniels and the rest of the defensive lineman that criticized Haynesworth for "sucking" on Sunday. Oh, and he also called the Redskins' front office personnel a bunch of "snakes."

Yeah, you're going to want to listen and read to this one. The audio is here and here. Key remarks below the jump.

Mitchell's opening remarks on the situation.

"I don't think that's a great thing. I hear you all talking and I understand he's done wrong, but when you look at this situation ... Mike Shanahan deserves more blame than Albert Haynesworth. If you're going to handle a man like he's handled him from the moment they gave him the $21 million, don't give him the damn money and cut him then."

Mitchell bashing Mike Shanahan's performance this year

"Everyone sits up here and we're jumping up and down here about Mike Shanahan. We haven't gotten Mike Shanahan the coach that was great in Denver. His son is calling the damn plays. It's his son's offense. We got the Mike Shanahan that screwed up the Denver Broncos and got his ass fired. "


Yes, at times Albert has been an ass. Sometimes, he's been great. But Shanahan has been an ass the whole damn season."

Mitchell on the rest of the defensive linemen

"Everyone around here is so happy that Haynesworth's gone. What the hell did Phillip Daniels do on Sunday? He ran his mouth, but he couldn't make a damn tackle or a sack. Andre Carter basically told y'all that he wants to be traded, but he wants to wait until the end of the season. Everybody is frustrated, not just Haynesworth.


"I don't think anyone on that defensive line has a right to say a damn thing about anybody. They sucked yesterday. Phillip Daniels sucks. Everybody on the defensive line sucks. If they want to start knocking people, get off your asses and play better football."

Mitchell on the argument that people should be relieved the "distraction" is gone

"I don't agree with a lot of what Albert Haynesworth did. But we keep talking about how this is a distraction. You're damn straight, because the coach kept bringing it to the public. It wasn't Albert Haynesworth running nowhere. And I don't blame him for wanting to have a forum yesterday. If he had called you, you would have wanted to talk to him too."

Mitchell on the Redskins' front office

"Yesterday, the whole situation -- Dan Snyder wanted the story out, Mike Shanahan wanted the story out, everybody pushed the story out because they wanted to save their ass. Don't be caught up with the stupidity that's going on over there. All of them are snakes. Vinny Cerrato left, but they brought more in. This ain't going to stop. You got a bunch of people going around trying to act like they're trying to make the Redskins win. Well, the coach just got rich, the team are still sucky  and the fans deserve better. Start trying to think about the team and not personal ego ... Dan Snyder need to realize this. Don't be so quiet and let somebody else screw your franchise up."

Mitchell, ending the interview when Mike Wise jokingly asked if he would be invited to the Redskins' alumni picnic

"To hell with going to the Redskins picnic. I play for fans, I played for family. I didn't play for nobody to try to kiss their ass. I'm not an ass kisser."