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VIDEO: Vonnie Holliday: Haynesworth 'Doesn't Have Respect Of Teammates'

Add Vonnie Holliday to the list of Redskins who have spoken out on Albert Haynesworth's suspension. The veteran defensive lineman spoke with ESPN's Trey Wingo on Tuesday's "NFL Live" program.

Based on what other Redskins said about Haynesworth earlier Tuesday, it came as no surprise that Holliday told Wing that Haynesworth did not have the respect of his teammates.

"In the NFL as a player, you want to be respected by your teammates.  That's all you can ask for," Holliday said.  "And right now, he doesn't have that respect because a lot of times it seems like he's playing for himself.  He doesn't buy into the team concept."    

Holliday would also mention that he spoke to Haynesworth after the suspension became public and that Haynesworth was "shocked" by the decision.  A 12-year veteran, Holliday has a reputation for always being a team player and helping his teammates grow. Unfortunately, helping Haynesworth grow might be a task too big for even Holliday. Unless it's in regards to his waistline, which could grow now that he won't be playing football.